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An Economical Way to Construct with Stability

Build the additional outdoor space or storage you need with our pole barn construction in Stilwell, Oklahoma. All of our structures are made from southern yellow pine because of its strength and versatility. Call Stilwell Construction LLC to discuss the design of your building and receive a complimentary estimate.

Start with Strong Lumber

We use 6" x 6" treated posts on 10' or 12' centers and a treated 2" x 6" bottom plate. The top plate is a double 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" if the free span exceeds 36'. Purlins are 2" x 4" and girts (ribs) are 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" for the sides to complete the framing.

Finish with Quality Products

For the metal siding, roofing, and trim, we install a standard 29-gauge metal or a heavier 26-gauge metal in an assortment of colors and trim choices. Rat guard and fascia are standard on all of our buildings. Stilwell Construction LLC also offers insulation, windows, skylights, cupolas, walk-in doors, and garage doors or sliders.

Customize to Your Building Needs

Wye bracing is included on each of our buildings 14' or higher. We build span widths up to 80', and the length is unlimited. Free-span sheds are constructed up to 19' deep, running the length of the barn. If the shed exceeds 20', a row of poles is set down the middle.


Building Materials

Concrete Work

Starting with a level building site, Stilwell Construction LLC frames up the structure. Then, our concrete crew brings the pad to final grade and completes the process with rebar, plastic, and fill.